4 relatively young and different hackers converged to do the one thing they all love the same: technology creation for problem solving. Inspired after the extremely harsh conditions that remain after a natural disaster, our team has decided to begin the development of a robot that can enter rough or damaged regions instead of humans, avoiding exposure this way. As of now, the "Imperator" complies with its mobility attributes, to displace itself freely in four directions. The model can potentially evolve to include another robotic limb, which may reach for objects. What makes this project particularly special, is our approach to control the robot: our own selves. Today, the Microsoft Kinect sensor can do much more than just gaming, and the Imperator is the proof of it. The fact that robots may be operated with our own gestures opens significantly an endless sea of possibilities for those who are able to observe applications to these technologies. The Imperator can move, but it just might be the model for diverse future applications, like remote surgeries, micro-world exploration and overall conception of transportation methods. The future is just a dream away!

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