People take small seemingly insignificant steps in their daily life without thinking of the grave consequences of their actions in the long term.The awareness at the point of action of the adverse affects on humanity might lead at least a small chunk of people to act otherwise.The delay in the realization causes in-action from the involved individuals or even the ones that would have acted otherwise also are helpless as its often too late.Actions have Consequences.

What it does

We gamified the whole experience of life in Santa Clara county to create awareness of the long term compounded effects of the small day to day actions that the players take without much of a thought going into it.Make players realize in the game by penalizing every inhuman decision by reduction in game time as well as health.Incentivizing the players positive humanitarian actions by awarding points.The objective of the game is to score higher points than other players.

How we built it

We built the game in Roblox Studio.Designed the terrain of the Santa Clara County in and around SCU to make it more realistic and relatable.We created checkpoints in the game where the character has to travel sequentially throughout the available game time which is 5 mins.At every checkpoint we put interactivity in the game giving players to choose between options and depending on what they choose the gameplay progresses.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge that we ran into was being able to use the tools inside Roblox Studio as none of the team member had ever used it before.We thought we being Grad students could easily pick up the scripting part in LUA as we were comfortable picking up a new programming language in very short time.However the whole animations and gamification of the Terrain, creation of scripts to automate a few actions like motion of third party cars was something even asking chatGPT did prove helpful.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The map of Santa Clara University ended up looking up very realistic and relatable.

What we learned

Scripting and building objects are the only two major things in game Development.Given enough time and resources we could master both.

What's next for Impact

Add a few more checkpoints denoting more pairs of human and inhuman choices , create a few more relatable maps so that the experience is personal to the player and they do take away some humanitarian values from the game and actually act similar to the game in their real life and help make the community around them a better place to live in.

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