We were inspired by the Health & Wellness track. Running is a great way to take care of your body, so we decided to promote health by encouraging runners to run regularly and keep track of their progress!

What it does

imontrack includes a web app, mobile app, and hardware extension!

The mobile application allows users to set new objectives or goals! While our platform focuses on running, this feature could applied to other personal goals as well, such as improving your drawing abilities or learning a new recipe!

After adding a new objective, users can add notes and decide how many times they want to login and partake in the activity. Information about streaks and total "logs" are also kept up to date, encouraging users to maintain a routine.

Finally, inspired by the Metaverse, we decided to add an option for users to make video or GIF compilations to highlight their athletic progress. Their compilations can also be shared to Instagram or Facebook, helping foster a running community via social media.

In terms of hardware, we incorporated the use of NodeMCU to help count streaks and remind users to run. If a user has not completed a log and the week nears its end, an LED will grow brighter to indicate that they should login!

Finally, our web app also offers a forum feature for users to post encouraging messages about their running journeys!

How we built it

For both the web and mobile parts of our project, we created prototypes using Figma before getting started on building our project and writing code. This was helpful in organizing our ideas and making sure everyone was on the same page!

Next, the web app was built with HTML, CSS, and Vanilla JS. We also used to register our domain, We used both and Github for version control.

The mobile app was built using Dart, Flutter; and the backend using Laravel, PHP, and MySQL.

The hardware component used Arduino/NodeMCU.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our overall product and how much we were able to accomplish in a short amount of time! We are also very proud to have components relating to web, mobile, and hardware projects. This was a great learning experience for the whole team!

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