15+ Million children die pre-birth 5.9+ Million children die under the age of 5 years 45% of those are Neonatal mortality & 30% are Perinatal mortality

According to WHO 2015 report, 67% of newborn deaths can be prevented if known, effective health measures are provided at birth & during first week of life. 3+ Million of all the babies who die each year can be saved with low-tech, low-cost care.

What it does

Child growth monitoring & fatality prevention. We've built a solution, driven by technology at every layer, that provides a common strealimed communication platform for all key stakeholders associated with child birth & growth: midwives, gynaecologists, hospitals/doctors and mothers. The solution is web based for the midwives, gynaecologists, hospitals/doctors and app for the mothers (patients) to provide easy access, on the go. The major features include: Share recordings / data sets transparently with all stakeholders, Medical administration, Lab reports, Vaccination plan / reminders, Growth charts, Digitized prescription, Daily progress reports. All of these in real time!

How we built it

Web solution: Tech stack: AngularJS1.0, Java8, Python2.7, Cassandra, Postgresql, Tomcat8, IntelliJ IDE.

App: Tech stack: Android, Android Studio, Swift, Xcode.

Challenges we ran into

To keep the solution simple, with user friendly UI yet something that can be scaled and used by clients across geographies Selecting the right tech stack for development that enabled us to complete the implementation in the limited time of hacktahon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Solving a real life problem. We did a lot of research and talked at length with experts from Phillips and Arvato and were amazed to realize the current way of communication among midwives, doctors & gynaes. After almost two days of continuos hacking we're proud to have a solution that can be scaled later and we want to continue this project together with Phillips, Arvato and help decrease child fatality.

What we learned

Sometimes there are simple problems in real life that can make huge impacts, do not always look for the complex problems :)

What's next for iMonitoring

What we've built at the hackathon is just the tip of the iceberg. We want to continue this project together with experts to help decrease child fatality and contibute to the ecosystem.

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