This is an app to help keeps children safe. When children are away, parents often worry about their location. But just seeing a dot on a map of where there child is only tells them where the "phone" is, and doesn't show that the child is actually okay.

IMOK Powered By will help children and parents stay in close touch, not only knowing where the child is, but also that the child is "Okay"!

The idea is that if parents know that the child is okay, at a regular interval, then they will be more at ease. Also the child will be displaying responsible behavior by easily being able to check in regularly.

Here's how it works.

(1) When the child is going somewhere, and the parent wants to be able to watch-over the child -- the child will run the app.

(2) When the app starts, it will automatically begin reporting to the parent's dashboard.

(3) At a regular interval (configurable, for instance every 30 minutes), the app will display a button for the child to press if "they are okay".

(4) Every time the child presses the okay button, the phone will post the child's GPS location, a link to display a map of the location, and a message that the child is okay.

(5) The child can also send a custom chat message along with the Okay/GPS message. The custom message will appear in the parent's dashboard.

(6) If the child is late pressing the button, an alarm will sound, reminding the child to show that they are okay.

(7) The parent can also send custom chat messages through from the dashboard, and the message will appear in the app, and cause the button to reset, insisting the child read the message, and press okay.

(8) There is a discreet Emergency Button. If this child is being pressured, or feels uncomfortable, pressing this button will send a "silent alarm" to the parents, post an alert through, along with the message that they are in trouble, a GPS location to pick them up (with map).

The app allows the child's phone to directly integrate into, and create a chat via the restful API, so the parents essentially create a VPN between parent and child. This way the child doesn't have to be embarrassed having their friends seeing them staying in touch with the parents. The app can talk both ways. Messages from the parents also appear on the phone to alert the child.

The key to this app, is that it isn't just texting or messaging, but arranges for the child and parent to be able to stay in constant contact without the "child" being inconvenienced or embarrassed.

There is also an emergency function, so if the child is being peer-pressured into bad circumstances, they can secretly call for their parents help along with location and mapping directions.

The idea is that the parents want to know WHERE their children are, and more importantly that they are OKAY!

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