We are a skill assessments company. Skills Assessments = iMocha. With so many years in the industry, we have found out that one of the major issues company and L&D Managers or L&D function faces is the lack of participation in Learning programs. Common Complaints from employees are -

  • We do not have time
    • there are so many tools and platforms that we have to use for every other thing

Analyzing the problem deeper gave us an insight that if we bring the assessments within employee's everyday work environment.

Here we are with an app on Teams. It helps employees and L&D manages in multiple ways

  • Reduces the need to go away from your area of work
  • Reduces the need to learn or train employees on a new tool
  • Eliminates the steep learning curve that is introduced when a new tool is brought in.

With the ease of use and access, the adoption and participation increases drastically. The employee learns effortlessly and the L&D function can effectively and efficiently drive the learning culture.

What it does

iMocha Talent App is a fully capable Talent portal where an employee can track performance, Flaunt achievements and undergo assessments within the Teams app environment.

How we built it

We obviously were overwhelmed to start with. We tried to read through "All" the documentation, go over "all" the videos available and we tried to learn about "all" the possible cards and capabilities in the design systems and we tried to build "all" the features in our webapp into the Teams App. We then decided to focus on a MVP. We went through other well established Teams App and understand the difference between a Web App and a Teams App though process and how to apply the right design thinking for a Teams App. We then decided which personas we want to target to start with a picked up the important features for that persona and started to design the Teams App in steps.

Challenges we ran into

This is our 1st Teams App and hence the major challenge was lack of knowledge. In addition to that a different design thinking was required along with use of new design system. On top of this a mind set change and a belief in ourselves that we can do it was the initial challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was the first time anyone in the organization worked on creating a Teams app and We are proud that we started and learned from scratch we created the app within 3 months from the kick-off.

What we learned

MVP is the key in whichever type of App you build and Teams App is no different. Start it small; don't try to push all the features from your Web App or Mobile App into the Teams App to start with. Believe in yourself and believe in the Microsoft Learning, Documentation and Videos and you would have success.

What's next for iMocha Talent

We intend to enhance the Teams app and make it a replacement for our Talent Portal. We would want the Teams app to be the single source of assessments for all the clients who are using Teams.

Built With

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posted an update

iMocha provides skill-based Talent Analytics that help Enterprises make intelligent Talent decisions, from hire to retire. ​​

In order to cope with the rapidly changing skill requirement of the workforce, Enterprise organizations are Hiring Talent or Developing their existing workforce.​​

iMocha helps Enterprises hire job-fit candidates faster ​(Talent Acquisition)​ and measure the ROI of their L&D programs ​(Talent Development)​. ​​Today, fortune 500 companies and large enterprises globally are using iMocha’s Talent Analytics to solve their Talent challenges. ​​

With the largest library in the world that has assessments for 2500+ skill assessments, innovative coding simulators, and AI-based analytics, iMocha is all set to change the world of Talent Analytics. For more information, ​​ ​visit the website​.​.​​

This is out 1st attempt at a Microsoft Teams App to support our esteemed clients using us for Talent Development.

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