My sister experiences chronic pain after a fatal accident. I hate that she can't seek guidance or support from anyone else who has experienced chronic pain because they are hard to find.

What it does

imnotguilty connects those in chronic pain to help guide, mentor, encourage and support each other going through the same journey.

How I built it

Building a demo on Wix and Facebook group.

Challenges I ran into

That it can be bigger than ben hur...need to condense it down to just a simple service to stay true to the core of what it is supposed to do.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Pitching my idea!

What I learned

To make the application process as easy as possible. Those with chronic pain shouldn't have to rehash or relive their experience, so I'm going to use a design led approach to obtaining the correct information that can best provide mentoring opportunities for those in pain.

What's next for #imnotguilty

Building a test or minimum viable product. There were SO many amazing people at our hackathon, I would love to collaborate, learn and work with anyone willing to join forces and share ideas. Just yell out to me and we can coordinate.

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