Our inspiration comes from the concern of the Management of COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution in these challenging times. Our team had noticed that government vaccine rollout plans were often vague and lacked the coordination needed to effectively distribute the vaccines.

What it does

  • Immuno Shots is a web-based platform to connect users directly with nearby vaccination centers and facilitate the process of booking and scheduling an appointment with the vaccination centers to get vaccinated.
  • Using our platform, the user has to fill a vaccine registration form providing necessary details that will be shared with the hospital.
  • Then, the user can choose from available dates and time slots. Later, the user can visit the chosen hospital according to the scheduled appointment.
  • On the admin side, a proper database of users and hospitals will be maintained to track the progress and maintain the records of vaccine distribution easily and efficiently.

Why our platform?

  • Proper Management of Vaccine Distribution.
  • Database of all vaccinated people.
  • Reducing possible crowding at clinics/ hospitals when the vaccine becomes public.

How I built it

  • For the frontend, We drafted up a wireframe in Figma first, then used HTML, CSS, and JavaScipt to bring it to life.
  • For the backend, We used Django(Python) Framework and stored the data in Google Cloud SQL Database.
  • The Web-based platform is deployed on Google Cloud Platform using Google App Engine.

Challenges I ran into

  • Since our project requires a huge database of all the hospitals and users, it was initially a challenge to think of ideas to maintain and update the databases.
  • We faced many challenges during the deployment of this project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Overall, we are very proud of the solution we made as we believe that with a little more polish our project has great value to the real world. Additionally, each and every member was able to explore a new language, framework, or concept in this project allowing us to learn more too while solving issues. We were really impressed by the end product especially as it was produced in this short time span as we not only learned but immediately applied our knowledge.

What I learned

Our team was able to learn more about frontend and backend technologies. We learned to connect the frontend with the database and use the online DB for storing data. We learned to deploy the project on Google Cloud. It was great fun learning and exploring new technologies.

What's next for Immuno Shots💉

We believe the platform can help in uniform and easy distribution of the vaccine, not only in this COVID time but also managing any medical help that needs to reach the masses. The project can be polished and taken by the government of different countries to ease the process of vaccination in their countries.

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