In a room where the new coronavirus was evenly distributed, 20 people entered the room and they were exposed to the virus for the same amount of time. It was observed that 10 people had no symptoms and 10 had symptoms. Further, among the affected people, 5 had mild symptoms and 5 had severe symptoms. Since the number of viruses entering each individual is the same, then why are 10 people not getting sick and 10 people getting sick, and some of them are mild and some are severe?

This ability to defend and control virus invasion in the body is IMMUNITY.

This application will be an easy-to-manipulate tool which will allow the user to manage his Immune System, using a knowledge base from different fields like: medicine, sport, nutrition, psychology, as following:

What it does

  • Measure and rate the state of the immunity. - using different measuring devices, suggestions for laboratory investigations.
  • Guide the user how to strengthen the immune system from different perspectives:
  • Nutritional guide: diet/food recommendations, calculator of vitamins, minerals, calories.
  • a database of all foods with their vitamins and minerals, so if we obtain a nutritional recommendation (for example: to fight the coronavirus, it is recommended, 2000mg of Vitamin C per day), to set in the application the nutritional goal (eg: 2000mg of vitamin C per day) and the application will return a list of foods that can be consumed in one day to reach the nutritional goal.
  • daily menu based on nutritional recommendations. also a nutritional calculator based on our diet.
  • Exercises guide: - animations with sport/exercises recommendations, breathing exercises, tracking and stimulate different health parameters like: blood pressure, oxygen, heart rate, fitness...
  • Stress management guide: recommendations and in app challenges: reading/writing exercises, mindfulness exercises, games, music, humor...

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