India is in process of running a country-wide vaccination drive for immunity against the Coronavirus. The main idea for this project came from the idea of making information available to common people regarding vaccination status and various centres around them as easily as possible in order to make this vaccination drive even more efficient.

What it does

The app is very easy-to-use. In simplest language, the app asks the user to input the postal Pin Code of his area and the app provides detailed information about various vaccination centres in that area, available dates of vaccination, time slots minimum age limit, vaccination name, available capacity of the doses at each centre, etc., all in a fraction of a second. So the user will be able to make a clear choice quickly of a centre and time slot according to his convenience, eligibility and many other such factors before getting vaccinated. The idea behind the usage of pin code was to make the app easier to use and also due to the fact that every locality has its own unique Pin Code. This helps to provide information of centres that are in close accessibily to the user and does not flood the user with information regarding information from far-away locations in his city/district. When a user enters a Pin Code, the app looks up the actual location of that postal Pin Code on the Indian map and selects all those vaccinations centres, from the official directory of centres maintained by the Government, which arr located within the specific radius of that Pin Code. And since all the information is directly taken from the official websited of those centres, it is always up-to-date. For a detailed information on the usage and the working behind the app, please watch the complete video.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I believe that this app has the potential to have a significant impact on the Indian society towards immunity against the Coronavirus.

What's next for Immune India App - A Covid-19 Vaccination Healthcare App

The interface of the list and details of various vaccination centres can be improved to a more appealing format. Moreover, the voice assisstant can be improved.

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