We want to educate people on the importance of immunization, and in order to do so, we believed that giving people an easy place where they can see all of the immunizations the have ever received in one, centralized place, is a vital step in making vaccine information more accessible. No more looking through old papers and going to the clinic directly to get our immunization records!

What it does

It is a centralized portal that allows users to see their immunization records.

How I built it

We used React.js to build the web app. We used MongoDB to store vaccine data, and Standard Library to create our own API that retrieves data from the database.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into many challenges, such as figuring out how to parse the data we fetched and display it in a table format.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to work together and create an app that we feel has a lot of potential, and may help many people get vaccinated!

What I learned

We learned how to set up React, as many of us have never used it before. We practiced CSS, HTML, and learned how to host our web app onto Google Cloud.

What's next for Immulist

We would like to expand our web app by implementing a way for parents to see their childrens’ records quickly, and easily. We are also interested in creating a vaccination scheduler, where the app will let the user know if they are eligible for a vaccine, and recommend scheduling an appointment with a local healthcare provider. We are hoping that this app can be integrated with the current registry systems of clinics and hospitals around the country.

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