The story begins in a small village in Sau Paulo, Brazil. My coworker had just completed all the paperwork for the adoption process, what remained was to get the needed immunization. He went up to the nearest doctor in the township and got the vaccination for his daughter. When he sent out the paperwork to the American Consulate, the form got reject sighting that they had missed the required vaccination, since only certified immunization was valid. So he got the immunization again and flew to the US. When he arrived to the US, he had prove to them that he got his immunization from a valid provider once again, since she had to go to school. So in the whole process, his daughter got vaccinated three times, only because the process was not in place. Our story is about making immunization a transparent process, with a global certification process and fool proof supply chain management. We make sure providers and suppliers are verified and are validated whenever an individual gets a vaccination. Further more, records are protected by user public/private keys that they can share during border crossing and visa processing seamlessly. It would be a digital system of truth, that could easily be identifiable, helping individuals get vaccination during outbreaks, birth and other circumstances and keeping all their records in the block chain.

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