This started as an implementation for a personal website where it would be nice to be able to show all your social media in one place. We looked online, but all the options we seemed to like were paid, so we decided an open source option was necessary. Although we didn't complete all features, we picture IMMIXR as a very easy to use and install piece of software, that handles all authentication requests after you supply your username and password and allows for the user to choose to display any social media feed or information feed that they wish to incorporate into their project. There will also be different themes and styles to allow for quick and easy customization. At this point, we only have Facebook, RottenTomatoes, and Instagram integration. We believe that the User Experience will either make or break this project, so we spent a considerable amount of time deciding how we wanted to display this data in a seamless interface. We decided to use grid-a-licious to format our data, and went with a scroll over watermark to show which site is supplying the information. We wanted to use FancyBox to then have a "pop-out" that would give a little more information, allow the viewer options (like, etc) and link to the actual social media, but we encountered many problems with the plugin.

One feature that makes our product different from most other social media aggregators is that it is all built on the client-side front-end. Also, the site is completely responsive.

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