Being a team of immigrants, It was a topic that was dear to us

What it does

For now, all it does is provide users with data about citizenship, starting a bank account in Canada, etc. with provided resources

How we built it

Lots of typing away on VS Code

Challenges we ran into

The skill sets in the team varied greatly. One of the team members was more advanced than the rest, but had to leave through out the hackathon due to work, leaving incomprehensible work for the other teammates. Sadly, we had to make what we could with the 4-5 hours we had, and we decided to make a simple web-page.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Although our hack was not anything to be proud of, we are quite content with the fact that we were able to learn so much about technologies and implementations of them through the seminars we attended. We are also happy with the fact that we had the opportunity to network with dozens of industry professionals in companies that are doing cutting edge work in the technological sector.

What we learned

Good communication between members is key. We were not able to communicate our skill sets appropriately enough for people to understand what we are able to handle. Also to book hardware in advance as a hardware hack would have gone smoothly for our team.

What's next for Immireleif

If this idea does continue, maybe complete the features we planned for it to have (customized search, chat boxes, etc.). The profiting point of view would be to help businesses advertise their shops. If one shop gives more money to advertise, they would be listed first in the search results, etc.

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