Our reason for doing this project, because a few of us are in debate and we have immigration as a topic. So, we wanted to create a solution for immigrants coming into the United States and continue to spread awareness. They don't have anywhere to go because all the houses that the government gives to the immigrants, get taken or are too full, so they are left homeless. We wanted to make a change for immigrants, so they can be in the best community and make America home. As well as, find jobs and education opportunities. 

  We made the website in Atom in HTML, CSS, with Bootstrap, and jQuery. When we wanted a slideshow we didn't understand why the pictures wouldn't pop up, so that was a struggle and not a lot of people in our group knew much about coding, so we had to assign jobs to those people who didn't know how to code, but teamwork helped us throughout this project. We got to translate some of our site pages in different languages to help alleviate the language, so far we have translated the resource page in Spanish, the whole website in Chinese and Russian. We learned how to make a slideshow in code, and some of the teammates that didn't know how to code understood some of the code that we were doing, but we found it out in the end. What's next is that getting stories to put on the slideshow, translate the website in more languages, and make a group chat for immigrants that want to be in a community of their preference. Also to get to know the people in that community, share experiences, and advice. One of our teammates is an immigrant herself, and she relates to this topic deeply. Her experience while immigrating to America is one of the inspirations for this website.

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