With the continuous flow of immigrants, we were dedicated to making a quick and easy solution to assist newcomers to Brampton. Creating a website generated just for Brampton newcomers allows for many meticulously selected services due to a small demographic.

We were inspired to assist the growing issue of newcomer transition and immigration integration. Solving these issues would greatly increase the productivity of the society they are introduced to as they move with skills, but just simply need to break the language barrier and get suited to the place to apply them.

What it does

Our website, BramptonESL provides a free diagnostic of your English skill and then recommends the appropriate level of the ESL course. We then bring them to our official website in the language of their choice, which displays a variety of different services that will help them. ESL courses, places to eat and communities of people with the same language to join to get them suited to life in a new city.

How we built it

The team of 3:Victor Zheng, Immanuel Huang and Bert Sun created the website with HTML, CSS and Java Script. We used web design conventions for optimal aesthetic appeal to create the most simple and friendly experience for the newcomers searching for opportunities in Brampton.

Challenges we ran into

Creating the user interface was a very difficult task, and we had a lot of troubles with the margins and creating the ideal look of the page. This was our first time creating a higher level website, so there was a lot of things we had to learn as we went along, such as functions we didn't know how to apply.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating our interface was a very tedious and difficult task, involving many frustrations and bugs. Though we spent a long time simply working on the skeleton of the website, we were very proud of how it turned out in the end. The website looked professional and legit, something that can truly attract and appeal to the greater public.

What we learned

As this was our hackathon, we truly got to learn how it's like to participate in such an event. We learned many skills such as new functions and how to create a nice looking website. It has been a great experience.

What's next for Immigration Integration in Brampton

There are many different things we can work on, such as new services to add. Things like a carpooling system or housing for specifically ESL people will greatly help our website become more detailed and help the immigrants more. We can also work on sending the data from the diagnostics to the ESL services at Brampton to help them create a more efficient education system. For example, if the majority of newcomers are having troubles with sentence structure, and get the majority of the spelling questions correct, we can give this information to the ESL services and have them focus on sentence structure.

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