What it is

LiveJournal for immigrants. Let others benefit from you story, and get connected to those who will advocate for you during the process.


During the presentations, there seemed like three main issues.

  1. Lack of community for those struggling with immigration issues (siloing).
  2. Lack of transparancey about activist groups and representation organizations.
  3. Lack of knowledge by typical American populace.

What it does

ImmigrantHub tries to fix these three issues in a simple way.

  1. Provide a platform for people to share their stories / struggles and find those with similar struggles.
  2. Provide a way for organizations to reach out to those struggling with areas of the organizations' expertise.
  3. Provide both a data set and specific narratives to the data to provide a more effective picture to the typical american.

How it works:

  • Foster community:
    1. Users track their process timeline and share their stories at each step of the way.
    2. Stories are marked with relevant tags such as "DOCA", "Latin America", "NYC".
    3. Others can search these tags to find those in their community and read the stories of those with experiences similar to their own.
  • Provide avenue for advocate groups and individuals in need to connect:
    1. User's can mark their timeline with a "Help" beacon.
    2. Adocacy groups can subscribe to tags, and if a story with matching tag is marked with a beacon, the group will be alerted and be able to connect through the platform to offer existance.
  • Collect data and user stories to provide context around this data:
    1. Because users are tracking their progress in real time, we'll have access to data showing that for people from this country, activity 'X' typically takes Y number of years, but are most often stymied at activity 'Z'. This data will come with built in context, providing a more clear narrative for those of us who don't understand the true problems in the system.

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