Inspiration - The form of education that is the most mainstream has many shortcomings. We wanted to help alleviate some of these shortcomings by creating a very interactive classroom in virtual space that can be used by educational institutions. Specifically we allow students to interact with objects related to the subject as a way to make concepts more concrete.

What it does - Our project allows students to interact with objects in virtual space. We will reiterate it again will make abstract objects more concrete.

How we built it - We utilized skills that we acquired throughout our educational careers and implemented through Unity.

Challenges we ran into - We . Specifically we had difficulty building 3D models, user interaction within virtual space through the use of hand gestures, and the timing of objects as it transversed through space.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - We enhanced our educational experience through working on this project.

What we learned - We learned to better interact with a widely used game engine, Unity. Specially we learned to implement different API's and used them effectively.

What's next for Immersive Lecture - Our final vision is a library that is a virtual representation of the nexus of human ingenuity and experience. This allows each book the representation of a very specific piece of knowledge or experience.

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