Inspiration : I have been trying to learn Spanish for a while however using various software applications however, no tool has been able to help me get over the fear of facing real world situation and people to interact with using my beginner level Spanish. I wanted to create a safe environment yet challenging to that will force me to practice my Spanish language skills.

What it does : This Game, provides a safe environment where I can practice and rehearse my Spanish skills by immersing myself in a Game Play Challenge in a Mixed Reality environment. This game offers several levels for people with different skill sets that simulate real world interaction of a tourist such as purchasing items from local store, booking a taxi cab and hotel, ordering food and drinks in a restaurant etc.

How I built it : I built this Game using Unity3D software and Magic Leap SDK.

Challenges I ran into : I ran into challenges such as Creating an Immersive yet Game like atmosphere that simulates real world scene in a foreign city. I also ran into challenges of creating game play content for Spanish language.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of : I am proud of the fact that I not only designed the game, but also programmed the Game logic and created content for Spanish Language all by myself.

What I learned : I learned the challenges of creating Mixed and Augmented Reality interface as one has to take into account the real world scene upon which Augmented Objects are placed and interacted with. I also learned how to design and program interaction for different type of controllers and gestures.

What's next for Immersive Language Learning : Next is to develop more levels and get more people to play test my game on Mixed Reality so I can release the first version by the end of the year 2018.

Built With

  • magic-leap-one
  • magic-leap-sdk
  • unity
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