The inspiration for this project stemmed from an identified gap within our own language journeys. To better understand this, we can look at one person’s experience. This individual grew up in the western part of the island of Montreal in a predominantly English-speaking area, his friends were English and, even though his education was in French he had no opportunity to immerse himself in the culture or the language. He could only practice with his teachers and during his lessons. If he would remain in this environment this would not be a problem but, before long, the day came when he moved away to a district with a completely different demographic composition with a much larger emphasis on the French language. He started looking for resources to improve his French but found none that would be available without fear of being judged or that was cost effective. This person grew up and adapted but to this day there exists no perfect solution for this kind of problem. Canada is unique in that it fosters a people that with 2 official languages and it should continue to foster this unique atmosphere. This idea came from a reflection on what we believe would have been the best solution for us and that could be easily accessible around the country.

What it does

Our project aims to provide immersive VR English and French-language training and cultural exchange to English and French-speaking communities across Quebec and eventually across Canada.

How we built it

We build it using google cloud api, real time translation, google object recognition, react 360, react, google cardboard hardware and a lot of coffee. We also generated great data visualisation from the open data provided by the GoC, Heritage Canada.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into several challenges in that VR has a steep learning curve and we had to reduce the functionality of our application for the purpose of the demo, however the entirety of the application will eventually be able to recognize the environment around the person wearing it!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of having created an immersive, inclusive VR application using react and having deployed it in less than 24 hours. We are proud that we can contribute to making Canada and Quebec an even more bilingual place than it already is. We are also proud of our project name: Immersive VR. is the domain we selected and we believe it is ideal for the project. Amazing data visualisation for identifying target sectors that demonstrate a large disparity between native English and French speakers.

What we learned

We learned that no matter what the challenge, there is always a creative and innovative solution ready to be found!

What's next for ImmersionVR

We plan on fully integrating live and real time object identification and translation as well as creating a cultural exchange platform for people to share what they see and maybe expose others to their part of Canada's culture.

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