• Heading to eat out after a football match and got rejected by countless restaurant around the area. From hunger, it turn to anger, then turning finally to inspiration for opportunity.

What it does

  • Core Functionality 1: We provide map to general citizens with real time updates on available restaurant tables throughout the city through color-coded restaurants tagging by availability
  • Periphery Functionality 1: Filtering function by food type, ratings, how long it takes to walk there etc.
  • Core Functionality 2: We provide to restauranteurs free table management software for them to use, in exchange for the embedded functionality of feeding live data on table availability to our mapping software (existing one are primitive and have expensive license)

How we build it

It is built almost exclusively on the esri platform. With a layer of bootstrap to tidy everything up.

Challenges we ran into

  • Although the idea is suited most for mobile, we do not have any mobile developer so we have to start with developing a website instead
  • We were only a 2 man team, so we did not have time to develop the Table Management end of our software which is a core feature that feeds data into our map on table availability / turnover time

Accomplishment that we’re proud of

  • Completing the project in time with 2 people
  • Navigating through lots of functionality of esri API and implementing them on our product
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