One of my favorite entertainment sites is Twitch. Twitch is a live streaming platform for gamers, where streamers can play video games while interacting with their viewers. Twitch is a really great idea, but the actual implementation has a few quirks. Twitch is supposed to email you whenever you whenever a channel that you follow goes live, but it often doesn't.

I really wanted a consistent way to be notified when my favorite channels go live, and this inspired me to build ImLiveYo. ImLiveYo manually checks your followers every sixty seconds, and sends you a notification whenever they go live via the textless messaging app Yo. With ImLiveYo, you can be sure you'll get a notification within a minute, whereas with Twitch's emails, you couldn't be sure you'd even be notified within an hour.

Anyone who uses Twitch can use ImLiveYo! All that one has to do is click the "Connect with Twitch" button on the home page, then enter their Yo username, and ImLiveYo will take care of the rest. The end-user experience is very simple and streamlined.

This was my first project working with Node and with Yo, and I really enjoyed the experience; I definitely plan to use Node more on future projects. The source code and installation instructions for this hack can be found at its GitHub repo

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