We came up with the idea of ʻImi ʻIke while brainstorming for our open topic. We thought,” What would be specifically useful to us, the future adults of Hawai’i” Alas, what we needed at the time was a method to gain knowledge and find opportunities in the college-searching process. These topics included, but were not limited to, volunteer hours, work experience, and resume buffers. We thought about the current resources available for us to do these things, but as we searched the website, we noticed how little focus is put on our aspiring high-school seniors.

What it does

This website provides local high-school students a valuable resource during their pursuit of post-secondary education. Instead of meandering through countless websites, ‘Imi ‘Ike provides a succinct and unified listing of multiple internships, community service, and scholarship opportunities, all of which are crucial for an aspiring high school senior looking to take that next step. If desired, one may also access the college applications for multiple colleges within the state.

How we built it

We developed Imi Ike using HTML5 embedding, Javascript manipulation, CSS use and a template and images provided by Wix.

Challenges we ran into

After some time, we deemed it impossible to create an original IOS app. We did not have the money, nor did we have the sufficient knowledge of Swift to create an app from scratch. After tinkering with code for days, we decided to scrap the idea and move to plan B. During this period, we had trouble actually finding ways to embed a spreadsheet onto our site.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A site that will help many students, being able to finish a product in time alloted, learning complex use of HTML5 and Javascript.

What we learned

Making applications is not an easy challenge. It takes hard work, concentration, and a loyal team. We learned that to be successful in the years to come, we must really buckle down into learning how to program applications.

What's next for Imi Ike (Open School)

We hope that the state will take on this website idea, and help approve data to be put in the database. Considering the state currently has no database for students, we hope we can help create it.

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