Cat pictures usually brighten up my day. Software development can occasionally be lonely and depressing. Developer depression is a well known term and in order to avoid such in team based environments (especially teams using slack), a slack bot that daily posts cat pictures can really brighten ones day. Also, it was my first time playing with different api's and I thought it would be a fun project to do regardless!

What it does

First, a popular cat image link is taken from Imgur. Then, a slack bot is created which posts that cat images link to a slack channel.

How we built it

Everything was implemented using python. The imgurpython API is used to extract the cat image, the python-slackclient is used to create the bot and post the image to a specific slack channel.

Challenges we ran into

The hardest part was configuring and learning how to use different API's. I have never used neither the slack api nor the imgur api so it was great fun learning those. Also, I was not very familiar with web requests and other web development practices and had lots of fun figuring issues relating to SSL.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I was able to successfully learn both the API's and test out the bot on our slack channel.

What we learned

I learnt two new API's, I increased my development skills in Python and I learnt a lot about web development practices such as authentication.

What's next for Daily-Cat

I am planning on deploying it using Heroku or simply creating a new slack app that can be used by any team. I intend to expand it to display gifs and also give links to hot tech news on a daily basis.

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posted an update

Its required to first register your app in the imgur api since you need Client ID and Secret ID for web authorization. Also, for the slack bot, you need to create a slack bot already and use that slack bot token for web authorisation

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