A command line interface for Imgur


Need Python 3. I decided to stick with only Python 3 in order to encourage other developers to use Python 3. You can (and should) use a virtual environment to ensure there are no dependency issues with other tools and libraries.


pip install imgurpython

Imgur API Documentation

Documentation for the Imgur API can be found here.


You must register the CLI with the Imgur API, and provide the Client-ID to make any request to the API (see the Authentication note). If you want to perform actions as a user, the user will have to authorize your CLI through OAuth2.

To use the CLI from a strictly anonymous context (no actions on behalf of a user), you need only the client id and client secret. Once you have these, you need to set them up as environment variables.


To take actions as a logged in user, you will additionally need an access token and refresh token. You can use the Imgur CLI to do the following:

  1. Get authorization url:

    imgur auth url
  2. Go to authorization url to retrieve PIN and then run the following command:

    imgur auth set-user-auth <pin>
  3. Even though Imgur will set the access token and refresh token, you should also set them as environment variables. After running the command from (2), you will receive the access token and the refresh token. You can set them as follows:



To set environment variables on a Windows system, you can follow instructions here

Library Usage


Run imgur help to see available subparsers:

imgur help


imgur help
usage: imgur [-h] [-v] <subparsers> ...

Imgur CLI

positional arguments:
  help         Display help about this program or one        of its subparsers
  gallery      Gallery subparser
  image        Image subparser
               Notification subparser
  memegen      Memegen subparser
  auth         Authentication subparser
  comment      Comment subparser
               Conversation subparser
  account      Account subparser
  album        Album subparser

optional arguments:
  -h, --help     show this help message and exit
  -v, --version  show program's version number and exit

See "imgur help <SUBPARSER> <SUBCOMMAND>" for help on   a specific subparser or subcommand

For help on each subparser, you can run:

imgur help <subparser>

For help of each subcommandm you can run:

imgur help <subparser> <subcommand>


Gallery Items

imgur gallery items

Sample output

"gallery": [
        "layout": "blog",
        "cover_height": 360,
        "account_id": 147142,
        "id": "AzrRs",
        "cover": "gW3whO8",
        "is_album": true,
        "comment_count": 184,
        "title": "5 Salads with More Calories Than a Big Mac",
        "section": "",
        "topic_id": 11,
        "downs": 279,
        "nsfw": false,
        "link": "",
        "account_url": "Housemaster",
        "topic": "The More You Know",
        "comment_preview": null,
        "score": 6999,
        "images_count": 6,
        "cover_width": 640,
        "ups": 7282,
        "favorite": false,
        "views": 109548,
        "privacy": "hidden",
        "datetime": 1446568913,
        "points": 7003,
        "description": null,
        "vote": null
        "layout": "blog",
        "cover_height": 3264,
        "account_id": null,
        "id": "Oz5SW",
        "cover": "lJJZVRv",
        "is_album": true,
        "comment_count": 264,
        "title": "It has never been harder to leave my apartment",
        "section": "pics",
        "topic_id": 0,
        "downs": 171,
        "nsfw": false,
        "link": "",
        "account_url": null,
        "topic": null,
        "comment_preview": null,
        "score": 12858,
        "images_count": 3,
        "cover_width": 2448,
        "ups": 12070,
        "favorite": false,
        "views": 1058140,
        "privacy": "public",
        "datetime": 1446555875,
        "points": 11899,
        "description": null,
        "vote": null

Gallery Items with different arguments

imgur gallery items --section hot --sort top --page 2 

Save output of gallery items to a file

Some commands allow to store output in a file (you run the -h option with each command to check).

imgur gallery items --output-file <path_to_file>


It is suggested to do development in a virtual environment using virtualenvwrapper/virtualenv


  • Python 3
  • imgurpython (>= 1.1.6)
  • pip - instructions here
  • virtualenvwrapper - instructions here (can also use virtualenv)

For tests, additional requirements:

  • testtools
  • nose
  • coverage

Fork and Clone

  1. Fork the repo
  2. Clone the fork repo:

    git clone
  3. Run

    python develop
  4. Start developing and contributing! :)


Usman Ehtesham Gul (ueg1990) -


If you want to add any new features, or improve existing ones, feel free to send a pull request. If you have any questions or need help/mentoring with contributions, feel free to contact via email

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