Myself and many others have poor time management during tests. Timed tests like the SAT's have become more of a speed and focus test than an aptitude test. You can't have a phone with you while taking tests but with a watch you can get helpful guidance helping you answer more questions in the time period allotted for you.

What it does

The algorithm takes in data through the companion app, asking questions about how much time you have and how many questions you have to do, etc. Then it calculates when you should move on to the next questions. If you finish one question early it reallocates the extra time into the other questions and if you finish a question too slowly it pulls time from the other questions evenly. It gives you quest on time through vibrations so that you always stay mindful about how much time you have left and how much of it you should spend on each question. Throughout the test the program is constantly adapting to new circumstances, always giving you the most efficient path to success.

How I built it

I built the companion app in java and the code for the pebble in C.

Challenges I ran into

Working all by myself (Doing the backend, front end, etc.), developing for pebble watches for the first time and pebble's lack of support (the company got shut down recently).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I did everything involved all by myself even though having even one partner would have split the workload in half.

What I learned

I learned how to build android apps and to develop for pebble (a skill that has become obsolete unfortunately)

What's next for +imer

I built this application mainly because I want to use it in the future. In the future I plan on implementing the same algorithm into building my own wristband that does not have a screen but just the vibration factor (so that users can bring for their SATs and ACTs, etc.). I might just use the program for fitbit watches. (The program runs on the phone and then data gets pushed to the watches afterwards so this program can be used with a variety of different wearable technologies.

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