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For centuries, technologies have been used to improve lives of the people. Most notably, the use of computational technology has made many tasks simpler, faster and more efficient. In the medical field, experts constantly seek better ways to deliver quality health care, only to realize the necessity of using information technology to deal with the ever-growing knowledge system. We proposed to harness the power of IBM Watson, one of the smartest AI in the world to achieve our goal.


Problem Analysis

  • Shortage in medical professionals
    *The shortage of physicians pose a real risk to patients by delaying necessary treatments and decreasing quality of care provided.

  • Problem of misdiagnosis
    *The prevalence of misdiagnosis in outpatients clinics and doctor’s office suggests that the current mode of diagnosis is prone to human errors.
  • Cost of outpatient visits
    *The cost of outpatient visits could be frustrated too. Nowadays, patients have to make an appointment to see a doctor and pay the copay each visit plus the fees of physical examinations.

Our Solution

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We are using IBM Bluemix and several cognitive services such as Dialog, Concept expansion, Concept insight to achieve our goal of creating a personal medical assistant that can do a preliminary diagnosis for you as well as monitoring your entire treatment.


-IBM Bluemix for hosting our website -IBM Dialog API for conversation generation -Concept expansion for grouping and searching similar symptoms

-Concept insight for giving more information about disease and symptoms

Website Overview

  • Login In and Sign up

  • Chatting with iMedical
    1.First iMedical can begin the conversation by personalized greeting 2.After talking with iMedical about your symptoms, iMedical will generate a preliminary diagnosis for you.
  • Make a Appointment

Chatting Examples

  • Greeting
  • Dialog Sample 1
  • Dialog Sample 2


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Scarlet (Jiali) Xie
Esther (Xuanpei) Ouyang
Stanley (U Tong) Lam
Cecilia (Kuangcong) Liu

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