We always look for a move review in IMDB along with things like rating, and the lengthy reviews. What if you could just go to the movie you really like and it automatically suggests you movies similar to that. What if you don't have to spend time reading the length reviews and an algorithm reads it for and lets you know if it's positive or not. That is what led us to IMDB 2.0

What it does

A search engine which optimizes you search with feature like the auto- suggestion. Further, it provides you details about any movie like ratings, reviews, genre, casts. It further tries to enhance the user experience by using a Machine learning algorithm and a cosine similarity score to find similar movies for the user and provide it as a recommendation. Further, it performs sentiment analysis and saves your time reading the reviews by providing you an output as a good/bad review.

How I built it

We built the front end using HTML, CSS, Javascript and tried to connect it with out back end logic which was written in Python, and hand multiple data sources connected from the movie API used from here:

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge was the preprocessing part as we had a huge amount of movie data available for the movies. Running the python script took time, also figuring out a way to have API connectivity and further connect our backend to our front end interface was a challenge for us

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are really proud of achieving the complete functionality of the project as we build it in individual parts and then integrated all of them. Also, all of us our movie enthusiasts so it was fun working on a project which focuses on something we all like

What I learned

Our biggest learning was a recommendation system. As it is a new topic in the industry not many sources were available and we had to spend time doing the R&D part. Also, the auto-search suggestion failed on our logic while integrating different modules so we had to work on resolving that part by learning the adjust syntax for wrapping it and deploying the new code

What's next for IMDB 2.0

IMDB 2.0 currently holds just Hollywood movies and is not real-time. We would like to improvise it to be working real-time and include all movies including International as well.

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