Imbers is a mobile app that let's you connect with exciting new people, with similar interestsloca.

It started as an idea for dating app, but during the Hackathon, we've decided to switch the idea a bit, however, that didn't change our execution plan too much.

The way we connect users together, is by fetching information from Facebook, such as interests and friends, and by having that information, our (well, quite simple for now :) algorithms create new matches.

Once we create a match, people can start communicating with each other, but they are limited to only 50 messages. After that, they will have to choose whether to reveal their identity and exchange Facebook friendship in order to continue their journey.

We've developed a backend, iOS app, and a beautiful promo site. We are very proud of all of them. Only if we had one day more.... :)

We've open sourced everything we did - enjoy :)

demo video:

promo video:

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