Health Technology

Project Description

To keep the current job or quit the job and stay with the baby? People with baby always have this dilemma. However, BabySitter is going to solve this problem. With BabySitter, you can assure the health and safety of the baby.

What it does

We promise that parents can leave their baby at home without worrying in the workplace. Hence, we have three major functions. Timeline tracking, bucket list and social community they serve for the parents with the problem of taking care of baby.

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posted an update

Even a 24-hour hackathon needs project management! We first listed down all the duties and requirement for the projects deliverables. WBS and Business Model Canvas were very useful is these processes. After clarifying the projects details, making sure everyone on the same pace, we could focus on our own the best! Reaular meetups were held to faciliates the progresses

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posted an update

About the business plan, we had a long discussion about the customer values to be delivered and the problems to be solved by our service. We emphasized on the needs of the potential customers. It was worth to note the switching cost of parents from their usual habits.

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