We wanted to go beyond and not just make a simple bot to send and receive money, but also help us in our day to day life and make life easier.

What it does

Our chatbot allows you to interact with the world in a natural way, just as you would with your personal assistant and facilitating access to services, the services you need when you need them most. The bridge between you and the information, using only your voice

  • Restaurants with online letter, order and pay in the same application.
  • Flights and Travel
  • Promotions and discounts
  • Customized offers.
  • A world without queues (who does not hate queues) Do you realize the possibilities that we are making available to you? At the reach of your hand.

How we built it

We have used: Dialog flow to create the entities and train the actions recognizer Two servers in Python with Flask Trained a Artifical Intelligence Sparks of magic

Challenges we ran into

Work without the api, having to invent the data The api of the dialog flow is poorly documented and has been a little self-learning Integrate SSL

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In less than 24 hours we have created a bot that works perfectly and provides real and efficient data

What we learned

We have learned how to do a chatbot, using different technologies

What's next for Imaginebot

Who knows, maybe will be the next SkyNet

Built With

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