We have family members that have autism, and Cinthya told us about a history including her imaginary friends and how she interacted with them in her childhood, so we started a research about this two topics and we came around to with "Imaginary Friends"

What it does

We are developing an application that allows the kids of all kind draw their imaginary friends to visualize them using augmented reality and keep in the app with the objective to improve social skills based on studies that proof that the imaginary friends help to have better social relationships and better communication. This application is also capable of detecting the mood like joy, sadness, etc. using IBM Watson "speech to text" and Watson "tone analyzer" inorder to give information of interest to the parents of this children or to their psycologist through a web page built with WIX showing statistical data and their imaginary friends.

Challenges we ran into

We didn't know some of technologies that we used so we had to learn them in the process.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finish the WIX application, and almost conclude the mobile app.

What we learned

How to use WIX and IBM Watson

What's next for ImaginaryFriends

We are thinking that Imaginary Friends can go further if we implement the idea in theme parks such Disney Land, etc. with the idea that the kid could be guided by their own imaginary friend

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