Powerpoint of the KingsCollege - introducing KingsCollege. The used image of the building was influenced of cars and people. This picture would be nicer without people and cars. It could be useful for adds.

What it does

It search "static" pixel and merge them to a whole picture

How we built it

We built an website, where people can upload their pictures und thew will get the stitched picture. The website send the pictures to the laptop (cause we need matlab), there will happen the transformation

Challenges we ran into

The algorithm

Accomplishments that we're proud of

There is missing only a few changes to run the whole program

What we learned

sleep helps this project was more difficult than we thought

What's next for ImageStitching

better Algorithm (...) fixing bugs

The images are for testing: -name them from 1 - 8.jpg execute greyOneImage (this was using for testing)

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