Using Distributed Systems with blockchains is interesting, learned about this through Devpost, also took the opportunity to learn more about AWS S3 and learn Golang.

What it does

Log in and have access to a bucket in OORT using Storj, using the AWS S3 SDK. Then you can upload and edit images, and edit images that are already there to save as a new one.

How we built it

Using React frontend with React Painter, then Golang API with the AWS SDK to communicate with OORT that is using Storj.

Challenges we ran into

Trying to get the AWS SDK working with the OORT endpoint, and then deploying as a combined container with the Golang server API using React

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting AWS SDK in Go working with OORT.

What we learned

AWS S3, Golang, more React

What's next for images-dss

Seeing if metadata works with the OORT storage, so we can store images with metadata and userdata associated with it, and then have this be more of a social media platform so users can upload their images, and then other users can comment on it and then add their own edits to the image.

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