The whole story of Image2Pdf is one day i'm just hangout with my friends at night and suddenly we think lets take a group selfie when my friend just took his mobile and then his cell was hang for a long time and after his works so slow. We were laughing on his phone and then i'm just ask my friend what happen why your phone is working so slow then he tell about his problem, he said my is hang because of media file is to more in cell. But i can't delete a single media . So what can do and then after i was thinking for image to pdf conversion because pdf is consuming less memory of your phone. Then after next i'm working in this project. And when i was start this project there is lots challenges is built (like how to convert into pdf file and when user has cheapest phone then it create lots of problem while processing etc ) and it effect on my project. But problem have a solution and i found this i took help from friends and teachers they helped me and then after it was possible for me to make this project. So this is a whole story of image to pdf project

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