Sometimes it is really frustrating to see memes with embedded text in a foreign language that I can't understand or paste into a translator (ex. subtle asian traits).

What it does

Image Translator is a chrome extension that translates text on an image on a webpage in one click. It supports all languages that Google translate supports.

How we built it

We built the extension from html and javascript, using Google Cloud Vision API for text recognition and Google Translation API for translating the text extracted.

Challenges we ran into

[object Object] {} undefined sendMessage ... There are too many of them.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The extension actually helped us to understand so many memes in foreign languages that we don't understand and made the whole hacking experience very enjoyable.

What we learned

We had no prior knowledge or experience in anything we used (maybe other than basic html) in this hackathon. We learned about javascript, chrome extension, Google Cloud Vision API, and Google Translate API.

What's next for Image Translator

Create a popup interface that tells users which language the text in the picture is in, improve on the text overlay aesthetics, publish to chrome web store

Side note:

The domain name has nothing to do with our project. It's just for fun :)

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