Last summer after moving out from home and living by myself, I started cooking and doing my own grocery. It took me a while to differentiate and figure out different type of fruits, veges, meats and so on (you name them)-Trust me, I'm still not use to all their names. I use to search their name via google to find the names, it takes time, and google image of thing seems to not quite good. So, I think that It would be great if we can have a web app (or maybe an app) that we can input the image and the it will output the sound to tell us exactly what it is.

What it does

This is the web app that help our grocery's life to be a more easier. It has the capability to translate uploaded images into speech

How we built it

We use Clarifai API in order to perform image recognition. Then, with the output tags and via Nuance API Text-to-Speech, we are be able to translate the images into speech.

Challenges we ran into

Merging all different APIs and codes together was a little bit complicated. Also, we never build web app before, thus, we have to learn flask on spot.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to complete our project !!!

What we learned

We learn more about splitting image into small pieces. We learn how to create an web app with flask. On top of this, we learn and meet new people :)

What's next for Image To Speech (ITS)

We want to make it even more accurate and create an mobile app for it as well. It would be also cool if we can bring our app into IOT world where the speech will be also record directly to smart fridge.

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