We wanted to use the Clarifai api because it's godlike, and this is what we thought of.

What it does

You can upload an image to the website (drag and drop and such) and it will return corresponding emojis, as well as hashtags

How I built it

The frontend is built using web technologies, and the backend is made using Flask and Python. We deployed the front end on Github pages, and the backend on Heroku.

Challenges I ran into

The frontend team had many issues with css positioning and design. The backend team had problems with passing a base64 encoded string with an http request, as well as uploading the string to Clarifai.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We ended up accomplishing our original goal, and even if it's not the craziest project in the world, we are are happy to have made something. I am happy with how much we all grew as developers, and the experience that we gained.

What's next for image-to-emoji

More accurate results. I also want to make a twitter bot that uses the deployed API to tweet out photos along with emojis, and hashtags.

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