So as you know data breaching is so common nowadays, any hacker can read and change your data while you are communicating with the receiver. The intruder can manipulate the data which can be very harmful in some cases. Hence to avoid this intruder to read or modify the data I made this app with which people can have an undisclosed communication and no third person can read it.

What it does

As I said it uses the steganography concept i.e. it hides the information in images. SO a sender can choose an image encrypts it and send it to the receiver with a private key and the receiver can decrypt the same image using the same private key and get the text sent by the sender. It is very hard to tell the difference between the original image and encrypted image and also you can encrypt as much data as you want.

How we built it

I built it in java using Android studio. Firstly, I selected a template which we will show the end-user and then added some buttons for encrypting and decrypting. So when we click that button the actions which it will perform depends on the Activity listener. So till the button is not pressed it won't perform anything and once clicked it will direct you to the respective page. Then I coded an algorithm for encryption and deception called Novel Steganography and similarly goes for decryption as well. Also added a column for entering the value of the key which will store the value of the key and can be used for decryption.

Challenges we ran into

While making this project the biggest problem I faced was to choose an Algorithm that is not easy to crack so I ran into many algorithms but some were very easy, some were very complex to code and finally found the Novel Steganography which sues the matrix to decrypt the text hence very hard to crack and also a little easy to code.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The biggest accomplishment was that we can enter as bigger text as we want and the resolution of the image won't be affected that was too hard to achieve as the longer the text, the more memory it takes and it decreases the resolution but in my case, we can enter the as big text as we want without affecting the resolution of the image.

What we learned

I learned many things while learning this project. I had an interest in cyber security and cryptography but couldn't work on it. Due to this project, I got hands-on experience making a project in the cryptography domain. Also, my android studio skills got improved due to this.

What's next for Image Steganography App

As this app can just encrypt and decrypt the images, further I want to improve it in such a way so that we can share those images within the app that will be much more convenient for the users.

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