Actually we saw this particular QUALCOMM board for the first time and when we saw its specifications we were amazed about how powerful a board it is. Therefore, we planned to work with it in spite of knowing nothing about it and build something related to NFC and FingerPrint but then we pivoted and moved towards an Image Recognition Model.

What it does

It basically eradicates an extra hassle of going through queues and check-ins during events, meetups etc. So, we faced this problem while standing in the queue for checking in to the event. Therefore, this setup helps you scan your face while you reach an event within 2-5 seconds with the help of the data(FACE CAPTURE) it captured while you booked your place at the event.

How we built it

With QUALCOMM DRAGONBOARD 410c, we integrated it with a python script which we coded and also used PI-CAMERA initially but due to malfunction issues, we shifted to using the laptop camera.

Challenges we ran into

NUMEROUS loss of configurations in the board Wifi taking a lot of time to set up an extension Integration of the Pi-camera on the hardware board Running our code on the board seamlessly

Accomplishments that we're proud of

WE DID NOT GIVE UP TILL THE END, and are still are working on it!! We dared to create a hack with an unknown hardware. We tried making something after coming out of our comfort zone and a hack to a problem we faced Saturday morning itself! Our code was running successfully but pi camera couldn't get integrated.

What we learned

Experience of learning about new hardware and trying to execute a prototype with that within a day!

What's next for Image Recognition using Qualcomm Dragonboard 410c

We look forward to buying a board and create hacks for future hackathons! Using Qualcomm Dragonboard 410c we want to incorporate NFC checkin, Fingerprint scan too.

Built With

  • iot
  • opencv
  • qualcomm-dragonboard-410c
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