The world of high-resolution cameras on our smart phones and wearables have enabled us to clearly document the images passing through our life. However, people have gathered numerous photos, all of which are unsorted.

What it does

This program aims to classify and organize photos into clear, user-friendly folders with the use of IBM Watson's image recognition functionality.

How we built it

Languages: Python, JSON APIs: IBM Watson's Visual Recognition

Challenges we faced

Within a team of 3: a junior bioengineer major, a freshman computer science major, and a junior computer engineer, it was difficult at times to grab important concepts and put all the code together.

How to run the program

  1. Go to Github repo and download the files
  2. In the main folder, open and use the python command to run
  3. In the same folder, use the python command to run
  4. When prompted to sort, enter yes/no
  5. When prompted, enter the destination directory, enter a folder name you would like the result to be stored in (inside sources/mix/both) or a different directory of your choosing.
  6. After the python file compiles, go to the directory you inputted and notice that the files have been separated into two folders based on their classification (male and female)
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