The primary driver for this project is one of my personal gripes with the new confluence editor. In my workflow I need to include a lot of images from the web in confluence. The ability to import images from URL was available in the old editor but it is missing in the new editor. I did some digging in Confluence's own jira project and I see the same issue with around 100 votes. Also a related feature is resizing the image with over 250 votes. I wanted to combine these 2 features in a Confluence macro built on forge. (+98 upvotes) (+257 upvotes)

What it does

  • Imports image from a URL
  • Adds alt-text
  • Resizes the image

How I built it

I built a confluence macro with forge to get the Image URL, Alt Text & Sizes. I built a Heroku API to resize the image and return the new URL back to Confluence for loading the resized image.

Challenges I ran into

There are no validations available yet for UI components. The experience would be a lot smoother if we have them.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to fix an issue I personally faced with Confluence and being able to help about 300 upvoters in the process.

What I learned

Forge can add huge value to Atlassian products. Even though it is not fully baked yet I see the potential. Users like myself can fix bugs/ add their own features using forge apps without relying/waiting for Atlassian team work.

What's next for Image Magnet

I will try and add more controls to the image manipulation.

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