We already build a quite successful before after slider for WordPress and wanted it to convert into a Confluence plugin for a long time as well,

What it does

The plugin currently offers three simple shortcodes to build a maze or grid image gallery or a before after slider.

How we built it

Using the Atlassian Plugin SDK.

Challenges we ran into

Implenting the search field for images within the macro browser, thanks to missing features and documentation.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

The image selector for the before after shortcode supports direct search and selection of attachments from the whole system. This is really awesome.

What we learned

Hacking the macro browser.

What's next for Image Galleries for Confluence

We would like to here user feedback on what we should implement next. Our plan is to make it a multi-purpose plugin for image related tasks, like showing different kinds of galleries or whatever ideas you have.

(Thanks to Stefanie Kerner for letting us use here beautiful images.)

Built With

  • atlassian-plugin-sdk
  • java
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