First we want to give user more control over presenting image attachments in Confluence Cloud. Second we took the chance to convert one of our server add-ons to a cloud based model.

What it does

The add-on provides gallery and slider macros to present your attached images.

How I built it

  • We wrote a small framework which gives us the possibility to develop macros in a smart way
  • On Heroku we provided an app for all add-ons
  • Licensing is saved on Amazon AWS

Challenges I ran into

  • Development of cloud add-on using Atlassian documentation ;)
  • License mechanism with JWT
  • Deploying and managing Cloud apps on Heroku and Amazon AWS

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Yes! This is our first add-on for Atlassian cloud :)

What I learned

  • Handling Web Tokens using JWT and managing Atlassian Cloud licensing
  • Cloud hosting at Heroku and Amazon AWS

What's next for Image Galleries and Slider for Confluence

  • Present attached images of any content
  • More macros to visualize images

Try it out

Atlassian Marketplace


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