A museum guide sometimes can't help you in person while he may be talking with a group of people. It is difficult to understand the history of some of the great arts and monuments by just reading the names. If we can develop an app where you can take a photo and the app understand the art and passed it to an AI chatbot where the conversation continues it will solve this problem in some extent.

What it does

Upload a photo or take a photo of the art work , the TensorFlow model will classify the image and the result passed to a GPT-3 chatbot and the conversation continues there on, where one can ask more about the art.

How we built it

Built using python, Flask, Tensorflow and Java for android

Challenges we ran into

integrating the api with conversational history has given some task.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for Image chat conversational AI app for museum arts

Built With

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