Airtable Image Annotations Block

About the block

Create annotations for images stored in Attachment fields and save it back to Airtable

How to use this block

  1. In your Airtable base, open the Blocks sidebar on the right, and click Install a block
  2. In the modal that opens, click Build a custom block
  3. Select Remix from GitHub on the Build a block modal
  4. Enter Image Annotations Block in the Block name field
  5. Enter in the GitHub repository field
  6. Click Create block, and follow the instructions on the next screens to run and test the Block locally

See the block running

Block demo

Try it in action

Demo table

Future TODOs

  • [ ] Add another shapes for markers (line, rectangle, arrow, brush)
  • [ ] Add a possibility to change the color of the marker's shape
  • [ ] Image annotations for creating datasets for AI
  • [ ] Image annotations for commenting and grading student's works

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