• One-click setup to create the required table.
  • Annotations are stored as a separate record and can benefit from all the Airtable features.
    • Delete, export, duplicate, or restore them taking full advantage of the features Airtable offers.
    • Can be linked and accessible from multiple records (eg. link to an annotations in tasks table and designs table).
  • Right-click menu shows when and by who was each shape created or modified with other options
  • Hover over any shape to see the last modified user and the name of the shape.
  • Keyboard shortcuts similar to Airtable's with a list of the available shortcuts.
  • Easy to navigate switch between records using the next and previous buttons in the toolbar, search records in the table, use the familiar keyboard shortcuts, or just select a record or multiple records from the table.
  • Shapes list with all the drawings in the selected annotation and the ability to rename and delete the shapes.
  • Annotations list with a live preview of the annotations, record color, and expand button.
  • Empty canvas so you can quickly visualize your ideas.
  • Emojis! 🥳 with a list of your frequently used and skins.
  • Fully synced support multiple user editing live
  • Collection of shapes pen, circle, rectangle, line, arrow, and text.
  • Customize the color, thickness, or font of shapes.
  • Rotate, resize, rename, or delete any shape at any time.
  • Fully responsive, simple, and familiar design matching with Airtable UI.
  • Fast and optimized lists are virtualized and storage is compressed.
  • Users without permission can still view, edit and save their edits as an image, and are warned their edits aren't saved.
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