We saw the amazing things that are possible with machine learning. When we saw there was a indicator associated with confidence, we thought it would be perfect for our professional pictures. We want to make our LinkedIn picture the best it can be.

What it does

The user enters a picture, and the app sends the picture to Google's Machine Learning Vision API, and analyzes it - sending the results back to the user.

How we built it

Built the front end using swift. And then Google cloud and their machine learning API for the backend

Challenges we ran into

Connecting back end to front end. It took us quite a lot of time to figure out how to use the REST api to connect.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’re proud that we went after something kind of complex. We all did not know anything about swift, app development, or even using APIs. We are proud that we tried to do what we could and have at least something little to show for our time here.

What we learned

We learned about some really cool technologies and all the documentation out there to help us navigate them. When developing, google was our best friend, so we learned the best way to search for what we’re looking for.

What's next for Image analyzer

We want to improve the app to have better integration and analysis.

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