For the two hundred years of Peruvian independence, new bills were created. The new S/ 100 bill features an important Peruvian inventor of the space age. I am referring to Pedro Paulet. Unfortunately, very few people know about him. When the creation of this new bill was announced many Peruvians did not know who he was or his importance for the space age. That's why we decided to create an augmented reality experience that teaches about this important inventor. Augmented reality allows us to generate the “wow effect” and increases information retention.

What it does

First, you need to have a S/100 bill (you can print an image of the bill HERE), The bill or image should be placed on a table. The lens will recognize the bill and start the experience. Then you have to say: Who are you? and Pedro Paulet will tell you his story and his great invention: the Torpedo Plane. Major events will appear with dates and animations. In this way, users can clearly understand Pedro Paulet's contribution.

How we built it

We use image tracking to trigger the experience and of course we use VoiceML to make Pedro Paulet speak when he is asked: Who are you?

Then we added many 2d images and interactions to match the speech (audio) with the animations. It was very important to make Pedro Paulet speak. It was a complex process to get those animated images (video -> visual effects -> gif -> 2d files).

Finally, we added the torpedo plane with its flames flying vertically. Of course, we made in-depth research about the life and work of this important Peruvian inventor.

Challenges we ran into

We wanted the image tracking to be very accurate and stable so we used extended marker tracking to turn the experience into world tracking. Another challenge was to perfectly match the speech with the images that appear accurately on each date, and it was complex to match the torpedo plane's appearance to the exact date (we use "delay")

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to match the speech exactly with the images and animations. It was a complex and time-consuming process. The speech was modified many times to summarize the whole story in less than 2 minutes. Of course, the voice of Pedro Paulet was done by Emilio Vegas. He had to adjust his voice and practice many times.

What we learned

We perfected the use of VoiceML. It could be considered that we now correctly handle the use and activation of this technology. We consider that voice plays a fundamental role in generating immersion in an augmented reality experience.

What's next for Im Pedro Paulet

After the hackathon, we will make a trip to Arequipa (the city where Pedro Paulet was born) to try to scan his tribute monument. This will be useful to complement the experience and possibly update the project.

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