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  • People don’t know where to go for help during a disaster
  • Individuals often don’t have the ability to communicate exactly where they are in a disaster


  • Ensure that relief groups can communicate important information to the affected population
  • Allow the affected people to communicate that they are still in need of help
  • Recognize disaster situations by significance
  • Pinpoint exact location of people in need of help

Use cases

  • Report a disaster situation and call for help
  • Broadcast important messages and available nearby resources to people in a location with an ongoing disaster
  • Register for future alerts about disaster relief in your location

Our solution

  • A web application that allows users to report disasters or register for future SMS alerts
  • A database to store location information that allows relief groups to analyze and prioritize relief efforts
  • A script that automates sending SMS messages to all registered people in an affected area

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